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Your Complete Source for Modern Electric Fencing

From 1985 through 1993, Dawn operated a very successful electric fence business from our farm in Missouri. Many pioneers in MiG grazing recognize Green Hills Grazing Systems as an early supplier of quality fence products. After a ten year break from the business and our move to Idaho, Dawn returned to the fence supply business in 2004 to better serve our Western ranch clientele with reliable fence products that would stand up to the rigors of climate and heavy wildlife pressure in the Intermountain West. With our business expanding nationwide, we can provide the same service to serious grazier’s Coast to Coast.

American GrazingLands Services LLC offers full lines of both permanent and portable electric fencing products. Unlike many fence suppliers, we do not represent just one fence manufacturer. Why not? For the simple reason no one company has the best items across the huge array of fence components available.

During Jim’s 22 years with the University of Missouri Forage Systems Research Center and on our own grass farm, we were able to evaluate a wide range of materials from most of the major fence supply companies. We found while one company may offer a superior polywire, another company had superior fence reels and step-in posts.

Our goal is to be able to provide our customers with the best products available, not just promote a single brand. All of the products on our regular price list have been used and evaluated by our business or our customers. If you are interested in items not shown on our price list, call or email with your specific needs.

We offer products from PowerFlex, Tru-Test, Kencove, Premier, Pasture Management Supply, Southwest Power Fence, & Live Wire. In addition to fence products we also offer tire tanks, HDPE stockwater pipe, fittings, Apex tank valves, solar water pumping systems, & Tru-Test scale systems.

Please email or call 208-876-4067 for our catalog & price list.


American GrazingLands Services LLC
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